Paws4Life, Inc.

Spay/Neuter Program

Because we are a small rescue, our time & space is limited in the number of cats we can help at any one time. However, with seeing continuous posts on social media by the general public asking for help with stray/feral cats we still wanted to be able to help in some way & make a difference. So, in the summer of 2023 we decided to start a spay/neuter fund which would help cover costs for spay/neuter surgeries of community stray/feral cats in need. The fund has received generous support & we’ve posted numbers below:

~ 2023 ~ 23 community cats spayed/neutered

~ 2024 (through 4/21) ~ 32 community cats spayed/neutered

If you’d like to make a donation to this fund you can do so via PayPal & send to the following email:

[email protected]