Paws4Life, Inc.


~Grateful for Lap of Love ~

~ As parents of furry family members (no matter our personal companions or fosters) one of the things we take very seriously is their mental/emotional state. We do all we can that’s within our control to make sure they feel safe and are emotionally content, happy, and live in as stress-free of an environment as possible. This holds true throughout their lives with us, but the latter holds especially true in their death.

Because of the existence of Lap of Love that final (and more times than not, stressful) trip to a veterinary clinic for the literal ‘end of life’ part of the process can be potentially eliminated. Having used their in-home euthanasia services several times over the years (when possible), we can’t say enough about and are beyond grateful for Lap of Love!

Making the decision to end a life is never an easy thing to do and is understandably hard to see as a “gift”. But the gift lies both in taking away any pain/suffering your furry companion may be experiencing and, if you’re able to, allowing them to remain in their home for their final hours/moments, the environment in which they feel loved and are most comfortable, for a truly peaceful (and hopefully stress-free) passing.

We are so thankful for the friend who recommended Lap of Love to us many years ago when we had our first experience of having to let one of our personal kitties go. And while many have likely already heard of Lap of Love (or maybe of other providers of similar services), we wanted to share about them & the wonderful services we’ve experienced first-hand that they provide in case there are some who have not.

~ {The beautiful canvas pictured is of our most recent loss of George & was created by Pawpillo on Etsy} ~