Paws4Life, Inc.

Thank You

This page is dedicated to giving a heartfelt Thank You to any & all who support Paws4Life, Inc. & our mission. There truly are no words to accurately describe the gratitude we feel for the many acts of selflessness that so many of you show towards the animals day in & day out. We love sharing the kitties in our care with you & it warms our hearts to know that you grow to love them just as much as we do.

While we feel that Paws4Life, Inc. is always a work in progress, we feel the same about this website. As such, we ask forgiveness if we have left any acknowledgments out & will work to be sure that you know your contributions are greatly valued & appreciated. Please know without a doubt that we could not be able to care for the cats in the way that we do if we didn’t have your support.

~*~ We would like to send a very special Thank You to the following ~*~

~ All who have donated to Paws4Life, Inc.:

Whatever form your contribution was in (financial, items from our wish-list, items for our auctions ~ whether gently used, purchased new, or hand-made one-of-a-kind/priceless creations), we are truly grateful for every gift you have sent.

~ Our Foster Homes:

For being willing & able to open your homes, & for your time & resources given in caring for the ones you have taken in. You contribute greatly to their lives & help prepare them for their adoption journey.

~ Our Sponsor Moms/Dads:

For your faithful giving each month to one of our cats who has touched your heart in a special way.

~ Our Past Adopters:

For opening up your hearts & homes to one or more of our kitties.

~ Elicit Design Solutions:

For offering to build our website & doing a fantastic job.

~ Best Friends Animal Society:

For allowing Paws4Life, Inc. to partner with you in the mission to “Save Them All”

~ Mercy Animal Hospital:

For always working with us & the Paws4Life kitties, & for giving great care to their well-being.

~ All companies/organizations who have included Paws4Life, Inc. in “giving back” and/or donated one or more of their creations to our auctions, including ~