Paws4Life, Inc.

Welcome to Paws4Life, Inc.!

We are a foster home-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed primarily to improve the lives of stray, feral, & abandoned homeless cats in our community who, through no fault of their own, have been dealt a bad paw in life. We show kindness, care, and compassion ~ seemingly basic human elements ~ by providing for their basic needs. We respect each cat & their unique personality, and we believe that they are just as deserving to live out their natural lives as any other living creature. We also believe that there are many challenges and dangers associated with living an outdoor life, especially for the free-roaming feline. Because of this, countless hours are spent socializing with the cats, and we try to place those who blossom through these efforts and welcome human interaction in the best forever home possible.

Our mission is to Be Part of the Solution. And it’s our hope that through these few endeavors we will begin to see a reduction in the number of stray, feral, and abandoned homeless cat population, which should in turn reduce the needless high kill rate of completely healthy & adoptable cats in our county’s animal control facility.

The animal rescue community has come a long way, yet still has a long way to go. We are only one part, a work in progress, striving to listen, learn, & grow. And as we at Paws4Life, Inc. become more informed we hope to pass what we learn on to you so that you too can become part of the solution and together we can become known as a community that cares.