Paws4Life, Inc.

Rainbow Bridge ~ In Memory

~ Annika ~
6/16/2022 ~ With heavy & defeated hearts, we helped our brave Annika over the Rainbow Bridge on Thurs. afternoon 6/16/2022. She arrived with a group of 6 other strays in late 2011 (she was likely somewhere between 1-2 years old then) & was pretty feral most of her life. Over time, especially in her last year, she did warm up to those who cared for her on a daily basis. It has been an undeniable privilege to love & provide for her & to have been able to give her a safe place to live. We feel sure she knew she was loved & that she was grateful for these things, too. We miss Annika dearly & send a sincere thank you to Leslie Cobb for sponsoring her all her years with us.
~ Pinball~
6/4/2022 ~ At 10.5 years, our sweet Pinball suddenly & unexpectedly passed away on Saturday morning 6/4/2022 most likely due to an undetected heart-related issue. ~ She arrived with her two siblings, mom, & three other adult strays in late 2011 & though skittish at first, she warmed up quickly into a loving lap cat. What a privilege it has been to give her a safe haven to spend her years playing & just enjoying life to the fullest. We miss her dearly already & are grateful to her sponsor mom (Angela Norbeck) for her faithful support of Pinball all her years with us.
~ Vader ~
1/15/2022 ~ We helped Vader on his journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday 1/15/2022 after almost 9 years of helping him through so many physical/medical setbacks ~ Vader arrived in early 2013 as a large unaltered stray (likely somewhere between 2-4 years old) & it was obvious he had lived a rough life up to that point. With time & patience Vader warmed up & proved to be a very friendly & social cat who was the first to jump in your lap. Vader was FIV+ & over the years we helped him with so many setbacks from his skin/allergy issues & he was on special food due to a urinary blockage/crystals, but ultimately oral squamous cell carcinoma was the one & final enemy we could not defeat. If any kitty ever deserved a break, it was Vader, but we are thankful we could bring him inside to be a part of our family for just 3 days shy of 1 year. We were able to give him all the care he needed over the years with the help of his sponsors Carolyn & Makayla Barnes.
~ Max ~
5/2/2021 ~ We said a tearful goodbye to Max, as he suddenly passed away from what appeared to be a stroke (or heart-related) on Sunday afternoon 5/2/2021. ~ Max showed up as an unaltered adult stray in early 2012 & though he looked a bit rough (but still handsome) he soon turned out to be the sweetest lap kitty. Max was FIV+ & at the time of his passing we believe he was somewhere between 11-14 years old. We miss him dearly & feel grateful that with the help of his sponsor mom Stacy Borans we were able to provide him with a safe and loving environment.