Paws4Life, Inc.


As is the case with many animal welfare organizations, volunteers play a big role in their mission and success of that mission.  Paws4Life, Inc. is grateful for any volunteers that so generously offer their time and talents to our cause.  It’s often said that “it takes a village”.  Not only do we believe this to be true, but we wholeheartedly believe that volunteers are the heart of that village!

Listed below are areas where volunteers are needed:

  • Fostering
  • Transporting pets to or from another shelter, an adopter, the vet, adoption events, etc
  • Evaluating pets for adoption (usually done by the foster volunteer)
  • Photos and biographies for adoption website
  • Writing & sending newsletters
  • Hunting for coupons and deals
  • Fundraising & event coordination
  • Finding local business sponsors
  • Website expertise
  • Lawyer or legal services
  • Grant application writer