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Fostering is one of the best ways you can help homeless pets. Strays and ferals need to spend as much time as possible with humans in order to learn to trust them and how to accept love and affection. Foster volunteers are able to learn a lot about the cat (or cats) they foster, which helps us to match them with their perfect forever family. It’s a very rewarding task, and we hope you will consider it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about fostering include:

  • “Will I be expected to keep them indoors or outdoors?” – Fosters must be kept indoors only. Our goal is to see how they do living in a home with a human family, and have them spend as much time as possible around humans.
  • “If the cat isn’t adjusting to indoor life, what will happen to him/her?” – We will take the cat back and will allow him/her to live in a safe area outdoors while we continue to provide care.
  • “Will I have an opportunity to adopt the cat if I want to?” – Yes, foster families may apply to adopt their fosters, however we (the rescue group) will determine whether the adoption is in the best interest of the cat.
  • “Does Paws4Life provide food, litter, and toys for the foster pet?” – In most cases we will provide everything the foster home will need for the cat(s) up front. We then usually ask the foster home to cover the cost of food and litter, but only if they are able to. Paws4Life will provide these supplies if needed.

Please review our foster questionnaire and contract so that you have a full understanding of the process and what to expect, and then contact us so we can get started!

P4L Foster Questionaire New Fillable

P4L Foster Contract Fillable